fredag 6. februar 2009

Little toy basket

August is now 4 1/5 months, and the toys are starting to mount up. Storage was needed. I made this basket (matching the quilt I made last summer) out of two different fabrics and thick vlieseline, one round (19 cm diam.) and one square (30x57 cm) bit. I ironed the vlieseline to the outer fabric, sewed the short ends of the square together and then sewed the round bit on the bottom. I did the same with the lining, exept left a few centimeters for turning the finished work. Then, I sewed the tops together, turned through the hole in the lining, and closed the hole with a seam on the right side (this is in the bottom of the basket, so it doesn't show). I have cut fabrics for a second one - but haven't had time to mount it yet.

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