onsdag 25. mars 2009

Gold purse

I'm not a great purse-seamstress (is that a word?), but a tutorial on Sew mama sew inspired me to make this. Wooden handles from Panduro and a shimmering gold fabric. This will look good when I'm dining in Rome some time next month!

Skirt and tie-tie belt

A tie-belt made of two neck ties. Tie-tie. Get it? And a a-line jeans skirt. Not much to say about that.

Spring in the sofa

A couple of new pillows for the sofa. Light blue and slightly floral. The embroidery is machine sewn, with thick silk thread.

mandag 9. mars 2009

Scarf with all the trimmings

Remember those Balenciaga scarfs a season or so ago? Loved those! Here is my attempt at a knock off. I'm just missing the charms (and some heavy eye make up...). The fabric is a light cotton cut to a triangle, and the edges are trimmed with black fringe, lace and pompons.

New suit in action

On request...

fredag 6. mars 2009

New York style kid!

I bought a japanese pattern book on Etsy a while ago, called New York style kids. So far I have used the patterns for a this wrap jacket and pair of trousers. The patterns are really smart and simple. The jacket is just one piece, plus arms. Both patterns were modified slightly; I made the jacket with lining, and buttons instead of ribbons, and the trousers with elastic bands in top and bottom. The original pattern was a little to short for my long legged boy!

onsdag 25. februar 2009

Really easy skirt

I bought a lot of fabric at the january sales at Stoff og Stil. A brocade-like fabric in dark purple and petrol ended up as a simple a-line skirt. I hate hemming, so instead I trimmed the edge with a narrow grey lace ribbon, and completed the work with a little flower made of the same ribbon.

Knitted sweater for August

A bit wonky... but cute. When I ironed the finished work I discovered that one arm was much wider at the neck than the other. I have no idea how that happened (well - it might have something to do with my multitasking during knitting...: ) I used babywool and (slightly altered) pattern from Dalegarn.

onsdag 11. februar 2009

Soft jersey bib

August has started with solid foods, and since about one third of every portion ends up somewhere else than in his mouth, bibs are needed. Many bibs. These are made of a soft stretch jersey, in two layers. The pattern is just copied from another bib.

fredag 6. februar 2009

Little toy basket

August is now 4 1/5 months, and the toys are starting to mount up. Storage was needed. I made this basket (matching the quilt I made last summer) out of two different fabrics and thick vlieseline, one round (19 cm diam.) and one square (30x57 cm) bit. I ironed the vlieseline to the outer fabric, sewed the short ends of the square together and then sewed the round bit on the bottom. I did the same with the lining, exept left a few centimeters for turning the finished work. Then, I sewed the tops together, turned through the hole in the lining, and closed the hole with a seam on the right side (this is in the bottom of the basket, so it doesn't show). I have cut fabrics for a second one - but haven't had time to mount it yet.

mandag 2. februar 2009

Second hand coat turned into jacket

I bought this rather frumpy, but good quality coat (mink and all!) at UFF for 295 NOK, cut off about 40 cm and volila; a snazzy jacket!

torsdag 29. januar 2009

Improvised scarf

The temperature outside is minus four, and August needed a scarf that was warm and easy to put on. Crocheting is not my strong point, but I thought I would give it a go anyway - a sort of "make it up as I go along"-kind of scarf. I had some leftover alpaca-yarn that I thought could be nice. I made a hole in one end, and the other end slightly wider, so it doesn't loosen as easily.


Welcome to my blog. I love making stuff! So here you will find regular updates of my many projects - for my self, the home or my adorable baby: August. Normally I work as a graphic designer, but now I have one whole year maternity leave. That means lots of time to spare between feeding, diaper-changes and naps. And of course; drinking cortados and reading newspapers...